What is Positive Behaviour Support?


The latest issue of BILD’s International Journal of Positive Behavioural Support is a special issue dedicated to defining PBS. As the journal’s editors, David Allen and Peter Baker make clear, “Many agencies in the UK now claim to be delivering Positive Behavioural Support – the contents of this issue will enable service users, families, commissioners and inspectorates to determine whether this is actually the case in practice.” 

 The issue includes an editorial, which you can download free, and four articles written by some of the leading academics and practitioners in the field:

  • A conceptual framework for understanding why challenging behaviours occur in people with developmental disabilities by Richard P Hastings, David Allen, Peter Baker, Nick J Gore, J Carl Hughes, Peter McGill, Stephen J Noone and Sandy Toogood
  • Definition and scope for positive behavioural support by Nick J Gore, Peter McGill, Sandy Toogood, David Allen, J Carl Hughes, Peter Baker, Richard P Hastings, Stephen J Noone and Louise D Denne
  • Developing a core competencies framework for positive behavioural support: issues and recommendations by Louise D Denne, Stephen J Noone, Nick J Gore, Sandy Toogood, J Carl Hughes, Richard P Hastings, David Allen, Peter Baker and Peter McGill
  • Implementing positive behavioural support: changing social and organisational contexts by David Allen, Peter McGill, Richard P Hastings, Sandy Toogood, Peter Baker, Nick J Gore and J Carl Hughes